Let SurgicalValet™ make every surgical encounter 
simpler. more efficient. safer. more cost-effective. more predictable.  

How SurgicalValet™ Will Make Your Life Easier

Patient Engagement

Surgical Case Management

Surgical CDI

Readmission Prevention

PQRS QCDR Reporting

SurgicalValet™ Makes It Easy

  • Online Patient Intake
  • Document Managment
  • Patient Readiness Tracking
  • Accurate Point-of-Care Documentation Capture
  • Modifiable Clinical Decision Checklists
  • Easy PQRS QCDR Submission
  • Custom Readmission Prevention Protocols
  • And So Much More
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Partners & Integrations

SurgicalValet™ works with the EMR and patient management software you already use
so you can get more from the data you already have.


Simplify Every Surgical Encounter

From patient intake to readmission prevention and everything in-between, SurgicalValet™ streamlines and improves every part of the surgical encounter.

Are You Ready to:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improve Billing Accuracy
  • Improve On-Time Starts
  • Improve Outcomes
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